RIO Olympics best video shots from hottest athletes

RIO Olympics have many things to offer and it was truly successful. Win or lose, athletes are still proud and high of themselves being a representative of their respected countries.

Europian Union, United States and China are the top three countries who bring home the highest number of gold medals. Participants said they enjoyed becoming part of the Olympics 2016.

In every sports there are audience, supporters or fans who watch the game and they admit it was really fun, enjoyable and amazing. Some guys prioritize watching in the swimming competition for girls and they did not missed a single moment of it, while some really enjoyed and cheered for their idols in volleyball competition where beautiful ladies are playing.

Other viewers are also proud witnessing the ballet and tennis for girls. They commented that their eyes were really full and they have big respect to the players. Photographers also give their best shots and tried to capture this gorgeous girls.


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