Seaman and girlfriend scandals before parting

Parting from each other are often the most valid reason why girls obey their boyfriend or husband to have a hot night. Of course, it will be a long time before they can see each other again specially when he leaves to go abroad for a 3-year contract.

The opportunity and precious moments are grabbed like the ones on the video scandal of seaman and his girlfriend before the guy go back on ship because he was a cook there. They did it like no tomorrow and enjoyed every second that they are with each other.
It was only a tragic because they filmed themselves while doing it and it was uploaded in mature sites by username champ231. They suspected that the techie guy who repaired their phone is the one who is liable for the release of the video but it did not go any further because lack of evidence. However they stand firm and strong together and married each other to cover the guilt and shameful things they give to their parents and friends and they are now living happily.

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