She fell in love because of scandal

Andrea was her name and she is very productive in their school since first year college. Despite trials in her life like lack of support from parents financially, she still pursue her dreams in life.

Several jobs are tried by her which improve multi tasking abilities like working in fast foods at night and going to class in day time. One day she was offered a new job with good pay. It was working in a Korean restaurant in Manila. It was her choice to drop the past and grab the opportunity. 

From there, she met a Korean regular customer who later fell in love with her. At first, Andrea wanted only the benefits so she gave the guy a chance but this foreign guy is fast and taken her in his condominium and unstoppable in his action. She can not do anything but go with the scandalous act of the Korean while camera on it. Andrea later love what the guy did and they both agreed to marry.

Their scandal video however was release which is agreed by the two. They are open minded people who always try new things and Andrea even applied her multi tasking skills.

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