Passenger sleeping in Van via Malolos Bulacan filmed and touched

Many passengers prefer riding a van or taxi because it is convenient way to avoid traffic and unpredictable climate. It also gives a security because they are more organized unlike buses and jeepneys where most drivers are arrogant.

A girl however refuse to ride in a van for the rest of her life now because of unwanted incident she experienced. A video showing herself was deeply sleeping while riding a van via Malolos Bulacan and the stranger beside her began touching her infront and captured even her face using his phone. 

No other passengers noticed the scandalous act of the guy as he was seated in the corner of the van next to the girl. It was a pitiful move for the guy and netizens keep on asking what was his motive of doing such irresponsible action. The video was tagged as "manyk sa malolos van" and was uploaded by malolosboy.

Regular passengers of any kind of vehicles are advised to keep awake and alert every time located in public place specially when you are alone. It is always better to travel with someone you know personally because some of the person doesn't want to be involve or do not have the guts to stop strangers in fear for their lives.

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