Viral video dubbed as Coconut farm scandal

Coconut farm are mostly based in Mindanao Philippines located alongside mountains and beaches. This are used as hotel alternatives for many people living there. It is preferred by couples because of free occupancy unlike expensive hotels.

A viral video recently posted in mature sites was making its fastest rounds on internet. It shows a couple riding a motorcycle and stopped on the coconut farm for their scandalous moments. The two person involved who seems old enough agreed to capture their scandal on the coconut farm. They first inspected the area before anything else.

No one is held liable on the leakage of their private video as it appears there are only two of them on the scene. The scandal video can be easily watch on google. They tagged it as "bukohan scandal". Netizens shows concern on unfamiliar attitude of girls nowadays stressing why they allowed to be filmed or bring in outdoor places where things are supposed to be done in private.

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