Commerce student involved in scandal

Once again college student involved in scandal. The uniformed lady identified by netizens was undoubtedly removed from her university after the incident.

It happened year ago when she allowed the video camera capture her and partner in a hotel near the school. They are now separated and continuing their studies on different school. The video scandal shows her physically while engaged in scandalous act while her partner is the one holding the camera.

Different story is submitted by one of the netizens. He then claimed that the girl submitted herself to the guy in exchange for tuition and other fees in support of studies, The claim was based on the video seeing that the guys private thing is not as typical as a pinoy looks. The video is tagged same as articles title.

It already spread in internet as viewers are active in sharing new videos. Adding more members who are automatically bystanders of mature sites. People involved used to it and started new life rather than wasting their time searching for the uploader.

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