De Lima alleged scandal part 2 with Jaybee Sebastian

The battle between the president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and former Department of Justice and now Senator Leila De Lima is getting intense.

De Lima was kicked of her position in justice panel where it undergo investigations on extra judicial killings or EJK. Fast forward to the presidents speech, he mentioned "every time I watch the video scandal I lost my appetite". He also assured the public the de lima will go to jail because of her anomalies in the national penitentiary.

The senators alleged scandal is said to be with her driver in pangasinan but upon investigations with supporting videos, it was proven that she has another scandal with the other guy none other than Jaybee Sebastian according to Herbert Colangco in his statement on senate hearing. He said de lima enters the room together with jaybee and stays there for 2 to 3 hours.

The accused is said to be using her position to transfer the attention of people from her case to Davao death squad. She even presented a witness who later found inconsistencies by the new chairman of justice panel Dick Gordon.

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