Newest Cebu scandal involves classy PSP

Cebu is one of the place in Philippines where leaked scandals are rich. The main reason attached to it is because it is a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists. In addition to that is their huge population.

New scandal from Cebu was uploaded in mature sites, According to its up-loader, The girl involve is a classy PSP worker payed to be an escort of a foreigner. The video shows the two in a classroom alike place while the girl entertained her client.

The leakage of their video scandal doesn't affect them too much as it was a part of the girls life and job. She admitted allowing the film while the guys face is not recognize because they did not capture it on the scene.

Netizens are on feast while watching it on their favorite sites. Some even said that the girl on the video is a well known in their world. They even recognize her as one of the favorite yet, not affordable. The video is tagged as new pinoy scandal in Cebu city.

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