Newly wed scandal in classy hotel goes viral

Newly wed couples chose to have their honeymoon in a five star hotel in Korea. Their three years relationship with one another has proven that they should step in to the next level of their life and they decided to tie the know between them.

Because of strong excitement they already have during bachelors party, the two made their nights truly remarkable. But what makes it more unforgettable is when their scandal was leaked, The happy and private moments they have became public as it appears present in mature sites. The hotel they check in released statement that they are not involve in whatever their clients are doing inside their room premises.

The video shows a typical yet classy hotel where couples are engaged in their scandalous act while filmed on a high definition camera. They owned the said cam and they don't have anyone to blame on the issue. The guy admitted that his phone was lost somewhere at park while riding a bicycle.

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