Nursing student dropping by in dormitory caught in live action

Nursing student is now on hot seat after her scandal video was posted in mature sites. She was with her boyfriend as seen on the camera while they were in action.

According to source, the guy urge his partner to drop by to his dorm for lunch. The two known each other for long time and doing usual routine. The nursing student go to the place together with her best friend who waited in front. While she was waiting, unusual sound was made coming from inside which she later discovered is an scandalous act.

Even she loves her best friend so much, she cant resist to watch alone so she recorded every minute of the action. The video scandal went viral and only one person is liable on posting it. They were still thankful that her camera is a little bit old and that made their faces unrecognizable. However, their friends and relatives who know them personally, identified them in an instant because of location where their acts took place.

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