Rooftop scandal is now viral

Recently, scandal video was uploaded by aka bell in a mature sites. It shows a couple engaged in scandalous act while they are the only person in the rooftop.

The uploader said that he was on the other side of the building cleaning and repairing the front mirror of their office because he works as maintenance personnel of a private agency. At first, he only saw the persons involve chatting until he left his place to get more tools for fixing the mirrror. Upon his arrival at  the same place, he saw the two are busy on a kneel position while doing a private thing. He was then urge and unknowingly filming the two.

He captured the scandal and lasts more than five minutes that he also shared to his co workers that later went to leakage of the video. It was tagged as "rooftop encounter" that can be easily watched on different mature sites.

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