Scandal after party confessed in Philippinepie

Philippinepie received a new message from fan sharing her experience. It was scandal after party that almost changed her life.

Late afternoon, Gretchen together with her family was invited to attend the event particularly a clan party where their relatives are mostly present. She met this new face same with her age and they used to talk after a mutual friend endorsed them with each other.

Time passed and they were about to go home. They exchanged numbers and texted each other upon arrival at home knowing that they both live in the same province. Even at midnight they made a way to see each other and finally met in a hotel of their choice. With the influence of hard drinks, it makes them more impulsive. The guy put a camera while the girl is asleep and resting. Then wake her up and did scandal.

The video is tagged "korean teen after party" and was now a viral scandal in every mature sites. It is yet unknown how the video exposed but the two are helping each other to recover on their lives because of the leakage..

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