Bumbay or 5'6 scandal leaked by tenant

An Indian are often called as bumbay and known mostly as 5'6 in the Philippines. Most of them are making a living on this scheme lending money for their tenants. They are very helpful in times of crisis because only guarantor is needed for instant release of cash which is payable for 40 days.
Although many people and even the government are saying that it is not helping the poor, they still continue their business and it was already adapted by some Filipinos. Their styles are countered through micro finance and short term loans from government banks,

Their is an incident where a tenant who used to lend an amount of 5k go to condominium of the Indian to pay his debt. He was then shocked to see the lady bumbay having a good time together with her live in partnet in an open door.

He is about to leave but was tempt to get some video clip of the scandal then he suddenly disappear. Maybe they forgot to close the door due to excitement said one of the comments.

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