Halloween party turns out to scandal

The Halloween party held by organizers of Mega Assoc Group is expected to be a friendly and fun gathering. Different ages are present on the said party where mostly came from Middle part.

All of them who attend are wearing a horror costume as instructed because at the end of the party, there will be a reward to the most attractive.

While everyone is busy dancing and chatting with new friends, two male already planned to score on their crushes. They wait till she was under influence of hard drinks and later led her into nearby hotel where the two alternately taken advantage of her while the other is filming.

Their scandal was uploaded in mature sites but was taken down instantly due to reports. However, some netizens still managed to save a copy. It was not yet clear if the lady agreed or forced to go with them. Both sides are first time to met each other but already talking via social media.since two months.

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