Lovi Poe became daring on THE ESCORT movie

Lovi Poe is one of the hottest celebrity now in showbiz. She was a model and multi awardee icon who made a lot of movies with different genre. From horrors, action, love story and daring scenes.

Her latest movie now is entitled The Escort showing on November 2 nationwide. She was with Derek Ramsay and Best actor Christopher de Leon.

The movie that will air on Halloween got a controversy after their Director Enzo Williams asked Lovi and Derek to do a very steamy love scene. Derek however, asked for a different position because he believed that it is not appropriate to be seen on big screen.

It was Derek who asked for it but Lovi did not. She is cool to every scene wherein the Director asked her.

Netizens are now waiting for the movie to be showed as it will add another spice into every relationship. Keep a tissue.

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