Selfie scandal in semester break

An alleged scandal of two students is now viral on the internet. It garnered hundreds of shares and likes. The video that lasts more then eight minutes was posted by kool6 in mature sites. He tagged it as selfie scandal.

Persons involved are seen as students based on their physical appearance. They are yet to confirm if minors are involved. The short clip shows the two happily having a selfie in front of the mirror which later turned out to be their romantic moment.

The urge of the guy was not prevented by the girl that caused them to continue with their scandalous act. The phone they used for selfie was also used to capture each others action alternately.

Netizens are dismayed over this video as younger students are involved. They commented that proper guidance should be implemented specially at home. However, other site fanatics are on their happiest moments to watch scandals like this.

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