Train station public scandal captured by passenger

One of the passengers in train station was shocked to see a public scandal along the railways. This urge him to film it secretly.

There are two friends together with their college classmates who are about to escape outside their state to watch for an opera. Unfortunately, they were tempt to a joke dare which later treated seriously. The first two began their scandalous act and moments later, their friends also joined them.

Train passes while they are doing their things but they only ignored it. The video lasts for only a minute as they have time to meet, to reach the start of the show. They quickly leave the place and took the next train after what they did.

People involved in the video came from the West. Netizens understand that it is not a big deal as it happened and acceptable in their place. They are also known for being open minded and adventurer where some enjoy do it in public. 

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