Vietnam couple video leaked, Inspired by Chito scandal

A video scandal is now viral on the internet. It gained thousands of shares and hundred percent approved by mature sites fanatics.

The said scandalous act was done by a Vietnamese couple. Their video is the same with the famous Chito scandals where netizens claimed that it was inspired by it. At first part, they were talking in front of their laptop camera then followed by simple moves of the guy to her partner. It was also seen that the guy is the giver where he worked from beginning to end.

Their private video is meant for their collections and experience only and not expecting that worst might happened. Unfortunately, it was leaked by yet unknown person who stole their external hard drive where their private photos and videos are stored.

Netizens also expected the part two of this scandal but some gave warnings that uploading private property of someone without consent is punishable by law.

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