Alleged rbreezy model Marie Punzalan scandal now viral

Rbreezy model named Marie Punzalan Del Rosario was on hot seat after scandalous video was released.

The woman involved is linked into a video tagged as Marie Punzalan scandal. Another person involved is allegedly Dritch Taruc. The camera installed seemed to be a hidden cam under a table that caught Marie and her partner in their lively action together.

Marie Punzalan is known as rbreezy model and famous in doing several covers.

On the other hand, Marie appealed to netizens that the girl involved is not her. She even pressed herself having bigger chest than the girl on the clip. It is truly difficult to tell whether it was really her as the Marie Punzalan scandal video is dim and blur.

Netizens are now going crazy over scandals going out tagging it as scandalous challenge. Watch the alleged scandal.

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