Another Toni Fowler scandalous act: "Kaya ialog mo yan Bes!"

Toni Fowler, a member of R-breezy girl group posted another video of her wild dance steps last sunday. It was a 13 second close up video clip this time. She seems to be practicing the finishing attack for another show.

She said "Hindi lahat ay nabiyayaan ng malaking wetpaks! Kaya ialog mo yan Bes!" and asking a guy named Jay to stop calling because she was busy doing exercises. The video became a viral but surely garnered negative feedback from elders.. However, it became fun for her fans nationfowler.

Netizens also notice a pink toy on the top of the table and became center of comments. Although her face are not visible on the video, her dance steps are already trademark of a Toni Fowler icon.

Watch her and be amazed!

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