Bagito scandal part 3 caught behind fence

Bagito scandal is one of the most popular in the internet. The first happened inside school campus while no one is around the stairway. The second happened in class room where they simply drink softdrinks but already doing scandalous act.

New bagito scandal is circulating online and said to be the episode three. This is the same with the first two where high school students are involved. They are seen having scandalous act behind the fence of their school.

A fellow student anonymously captured their actions from the other side. The two students are busy on their thing making them unaware of the person spying on them. They are on their uniforms when doing the act while escaping classes. This students are believed to be Indonisians.

Netizens are divided on their comments. It is alarming seeing students involved in such mature thing. Their scandal was already taken down but new copies became available as new uploader who manage to save it appear.

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