Maria Ozawa admitted giving up her baby when she was 19 years old

Maria Ozawa became interesting topic since she was convinced by dj MO to confess on her status with actor Cesar Montano while they were filming the movie entitled "Nilalang" way back March this year. However she clarified that it was only a joke while riding on good time show.

This time, she exposed another shocking revelation and admitted having and abrtion while she was 19 or 20 years old. It was peak seasons for her career and she opt to choose job over a family. She said that it was not a fruit of her work as mature/adlt actress but her boyfriends fault.

While staying in the Philippines, she realized the importance of family and faith. She said: "From my perspective, I think its really good thing to do than klling kids". She also gave her view that what she did is normal in Japan specially for teenage years.

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