Nicca Pascual scandal is next to Abbie Tolentino. Watch her now!

Nicca Pascual scandal is the next internet sensation. Her video is said to spread and leaked to forger the alleged scandal of Abbie Tolentino which overpower Rapbeh scandal.

Truly that while Christmas season is approaching. more scandals are released as early gifts for mature sites fanatics but this are all leaked by uploader for their personal reasons.

The Nicca pascual scandal had part 2 which is the nicca pascual part 2. She is known as a freelance model before her viral video was released.

On the first part of Nicca scandal, she was seen taking video of while pleasing herself. Netizens said that there is no one to blame except her because of giving a private video to someone she can't trust. Because of nicas fault, her video is now viral and tagged as kinalkal by nicca pascual scandal.

Cliick to watch her HERE.

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