Now viral is alleged Abbie Tolentino scandal. Must watch!

The latest scandal today is tagged as iniputan sa ulo alleged scandal of Abbie Tolentino. It is spreading like wildfire and searches over internet are getting higher.

Abbie Tolentino Figueroa or known as Abbie by her friends is now on hot seat after rapbeh scandal and pigadian scandal that was released this month of November. Netizens strongly believe that the girl involved is her seeing marks like tattoos on her chest and back.

The Abbie Tolentino scandal is said to have up to part 3. The Abbie Tolentino scandal part 1, Abbie Tolentino scandal part 2 and Abbie Tolentino scandal part 3.

Abbie is said to have a relationship with Kent Enriques a.k.a  Kent Mnl. This made the uploader put a short text on the Abbie scandal part 1 video saying that "Naiputan ni Abbie si Kent sa ulo".

The second part of the scandal which is Abbie Tolentino part 2 lasts for less than two minutes. It reveals a clearer face of Abbie while giving her service to unknow man as his face was not captured in the video. It is then clear seeing that the guy involved is the one capturing their scandalous act.


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