Paint Model tagged in Steph Lagera scandal

The new video tagged as Steph Lagera scandal circulates online as social media users try to look on an alleged scandal of Steph Lagera.

Steph is known to be a top model promoting paint products. No wonder she is fitted with her job because of having a truly flawless skin. Steph is also popular on social media having thousand of fans and followers who always await of her new angelic photo posts. Some of her followers admitted having crush on her.

Her good image was recently faded with an alleged Steph Lagera scandal. The videos that was posted in mature sites are  linked to her due to physical similarities. However, no definite marks that can prove the allegations thrown to her so this scandal is categorized as hoax.

A post from her personal account became also viral when Steph Lagera gave her comments regrading the issue. She strongly denied that she is involved in scandal while laughing into it.

Some netizens however continue to share the alleged Steph Lagera scandal on mature sites. Even they are convinced that it was not really her, some admitted they are only fantasizing as the girl involved seems to be more of a foreign blood and not a Filipino.

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