Scandalous strippoker of bestfriends goes viral,

Playing cards are often pass time hobby of friends and relatives. It is good unless money is involved. In some places even small kiddo are already experts on this hobby.

A group of ladies having a travel trip was stranded to a hotel. Because of boredom they dared each other to play strippoker. Lio, Mee and Nueng remove a single cloth of a loser until it was exposed. The last part will be the best as she will play with herself when there is no any cloth to remove.

To add some spice, they recorded their scandalous act that made their private life into public. An unknown person published their video clips on a favorite mature sites. But still, they are thankful that the full video was not available.

Netizens commented that they became excited as the game goes on. They also got an idea to do it on their group of friends. This thing is something alike with body shot when couples are involved.

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