Viral picture of Ellen and Baste while on torrid kissing!

Baste became more popular this year starting when his father Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency. He was one of the eyed by media on what he do on his daily life. No wonder he admitted that his privacy became more complicated.

His friendship with Ellen Adarna became controversial when Ellen posted pictures on her instagtam together with the presidential son while they stayed overnight in Siargao. They were asked questions on relationship between them but they strongly denied having it and that they remain as good friends.

Recently, fashion pulis twitter account posted a picture of the two while kissing. Some netizens concluded that the picture is said to be from a paparazzi who always spied on them. Ellen and Baste are yet to speak on the issue.

Netizens made the pictures viral on its first day posted as Baste is known to have a relationship with Kate Necesario while Ellen is known to be single. Comments also centered to Ellen Adarna for allegedly having an affair with a taken man but other defended her saying to wait for a validation whether the picture is edited or not.

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