Viral Video of Attorney Rivera on Kris Aquino: "Kung Makaarte ang Pun**ta" Must Watch!

Kris Aquino was appointed to host the event in Davao city where group of businessman are present. President Rodrigo Duterte is also expected to attend the said event but failed to do so because of health problem.

Because of this, Kris expressed her disappointment for not seeing the president. She also regret stating that she prepared for the big day, having diet etc. Being one of the most controversial personality in showbiz, her statements are once again bashed by haters.

One of them is Atty. Rivera who uploaded a video criticizing Kris on her comments. He even said harsh words directly against the Aquino "Hinayupak na Kris aquino na yan, kung makaarte ang pun**ta, parang siya nanaman ang biktima"

The video was uploaded by Mocha Uson where it became viral and received different comments. Some pro defended Kris but most agreed with atty. Rivera.

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