Wardrobe malfunction of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Scandalous??

Wardrobe malfunction almost happened every time in different gatherings or events. This is considered as common possibility in every woman who loves to wear a long gown. Unfortunately, Miss Universe from Philippines, miss Pia Wurtzbach also experience the same thing.

The photo was posted in Miss Universe fan page earning lots of comments and reactions. Netizens commented that her dress is too much and exposed almost her private part. Photo tagged as "Welcome to Pia's Culinary adventure" became a center topic on the internet.

Harsh comments are thrown like "pakitago naman yung bbs nyo kasi lalabas na" and many more. The beauty queen is also defended by her fans saying she was not aware of the photo shots otherwise she'll prevent from posting the exposed photo.

Many celebrities and big personalities already experience this and far more worst than Miss U. Marian and Anne while dancing also had this wardrobe malfunction while Miss Alice and Andrea while ramping on the stage.

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