Britanya Pritch scandal together with Jhon Bitancor making noise on social media

Viral Video of Britanya Pritch together with Jhon Bitancor making noise on social media.

The scandalous video clip was uploaded by fan page and spread instantly through shares and likes. It gained about less than million views before taken down due to obscene content. Persons involved are alleged Britanya Pritch and Jhon Bitancor.

It was then tagged as Britanya Pritch scandal by netizens after it became viral. After the incident, Britanya shut or deactivated her account on social medias while Jhon was shock over huge search of his name while tagged in Jhon Bitancor scandal.

The couple filmed their intimate actions with each other in their room. It was not clear how their private moment leaked but one thing is sure and they are on hot seat giving shame to their families. Their identity was linked by the uploader of the video tagging their real name.

Britanya Pritch scandal and Jhon Bitancor scandal are now on mature sites. Some netizens are dismayed over increasing number of scandals leaked on the internet. This added concerns about their young age being involved.

On the other hand. some mature sites fanatics commented about their gratitude with clearer technology that sees every pixels of released Britanya Pritch scandal and Jhon Bitancor scandal. The two are not yet giving any statements about the issue even their friends as they are not that popular before.

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