Chloe Moretz look alike found in Malabon

Chloe Moretz look alike was found in Malanbon.

Chloe Grace Moretz is known as American best actress and model. She played the role in "Carrie" and "If I Stay".

A netizen posted a camera shot of Chloe Moretz look alike working as crew in a popular fast food branched in Malabon . She quoted her post as "I did not know sa Jolibee Navotas pala nagwowork si Chloe".

The viral picture spread instantly through shares likes and reactions as Chloe has many fans on the Philippines. This made the instant famous girl widely searched over the internet. Her real name is Edcell Ched, and she is a 20 year old working student in said fast food.


What is more admiring is when actress Chloe was reached by this good news and she noticed her Chloe Moretz look alike. She twit "We do look very like".

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