Death penalty in Philippines approved by house commitee

*The most awaited death penalty in Philippines

*House committee approved death penalty in Philippines

Hope is what netizens hold into the approval of death penalty. This is because of the rising case of bad acts including roberry, r*pe, dr*gs and many more. The issue was tackled when the President asked the house committee to work fast on approval of the said law.

Death penalty in the Philippines however have limitations to minors under 18 years old and elders above 70. About three hour debate happened before in favor of those who opposed the said law. A 12 against 6 vote made it successful to pass in house committee.

People of the republic of the Philippines are looking forward for a more brighter change because of this jaw breaking rule that will punish the offenders. This will serve as reminder to be a good citizen all the time. As long as a person is law abiding, nothing should be fear said the PNP.

This law is applicable on 21 heinous and destructive crimes that you can not imagine a normal person can do. This also includes robbery, car-napping and illigal trade of dr*gs.


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