Heart broken tagalog quotes

Heart broken tagalog quotes is for us when we often felt sadness due to several reasons of rejection and failure. Because of this, Manang hugotera made special tagalog quotes for your sugatang puso. Do not be alone in times of sadness because the best way to move on is having someone to lean on whether its a family or anonymous friend like Manang Hugotera.

Do you remember the time when got your very first broke up? You are lucky if you have not experience the pain that almost melt a heart.

Many will relate with this, most of the story of love nowadays are done first through chat. The way how guy court also evolved and has been more easier. The first sweet message we receive from out suitor is HI, then apparently change with bye after he took all what he wanted from a girl. This is sad reality that many guys out there are taking advantage of our crisp emotions that easily believe their promising and sweet lies.

Quotation like this heart broken tagalog quotes relates us from our experiences. then suddenly you remember all the happy thoughts between the word HI and BYE. The precious moments like holding hands while walking and putting spoons on each other. You also remember how he once made you smile by giving surprise gifts during monthsary, anniversary and birthdays. How sweet it is but now turned into regret. Later on while imagining the past, a tear slowly flows in your cheek while hugging soft pillow in a dark room. You lost appetite even your mom cooks the best food in your life. It truly hurts that when we read heart broken tagalog quotes,we feel the reality and pain more. It helped us release the pain for one night or one month or even one year then later on we smile saying thank you because it really helped as moved on in that way. Take a look at Inspirational tagalog quotes that will lift your spirit up.

This heart broken tagalog quotes highlights the weakness of every girl. We do not see the real intention of a suitor so its the trust and gut that we are holding on. No one can say if the guy is really true to his words or he is playing just to get your sweetest YES. Many fall into traps of bad guys courting having a motive of "pakboy" then after they get what really matters for them, is the time we learned that they are experts in hurting ones feeling. So it would be a best advice by manag hugotera to always check the background and do not easily fall. Make the courtship long and feel the difference.

Many of victims of broken love goes to bar to drink, some waste their life doing revenge against their partner who leave them. But strong woman chose to move on in a right way, a simple talk to friends and family will sooth the pain, you can also opt to go out and travel in different places for nature lover. It is also best to go in room for one night and cry it all, release everything while relating yourself in heart broken tagalog quotes.

One of my favorite heart broken tagalog quotes. The day we enter relationship is one of the best feeling that no one can imagine. Most of the relationship lasts before because of the higher patience of woman unlike today. Girls in the old days are more forgiving even they caught their boyfriend or husband cheating. They are hurt despite giving the whole percentage of their love. 

This time, in the influence of technology and movies, girls know what to do in times of betrayal. Love is wonderful, so do not waste in a certain person who cares less. 

So true right? Most of the broken hearted quotes give us hope. We look positive in every failed relationship. That sooner or later a real man who does not make a girl cry will come our way and love us the way we do with him. 

Here are more heart broken tagalog quotes by mananag hugotera:

Kahit masaktan ako ng ilang beses hinding hindi ako susuko dahil kahit maraming dahilan para iwan ka mayroong pa ring isang dahilan para ipaglaban kita at yun ay dahil mahal kita

Huwag kang malungkot kapag mag isa ka na kasi sabi nga ni popoy kaya tayo iniiwan kasi may mas papalit na bago, yung papahalagahan tayo, yung hindi tayo sasaktan, at magtatama sa mga mali natin

Mahirap ang naging sitwasyon ko, pinaramdam ko sayo lahat ng pagmamahal na kaya ko, binigay ko din lahat ng magpapasaya sayo pero hindi ko matanggap na hanggan kaibigan lang pala turing mo, sana sinabi mo na lang agad

Pag nagmamahal, palaging nagtatalo ang puso at isip ko. Sino ba talaga susundin ko, ang pusong tapat o ang utak kong nagsasabi ng dapat

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