Leila de lima scandal still trending

Leila de lima scandal is still one of the most searched on the internet. Netizens are going over and over looking for it on mature sites hoping that a real de lima scandal  be available soon.

The issue began when star witness Sandra Cam confronted the former Deparment of Justice secretary and now senator De lima. She hoped that the senator will file a case against her so she can prove in the court and show the alleged leila de lima scandal in the CA or Commision on Appointment.

Sandra is said to have up to four video clips containing leila de lima scandal part 1, leila de lima scandal part 2, part 3 and part 4. The said scandalous act allegedly involved her driver bodyguard Ronnie Dayan who is now accused as bagman of the Senator when she was still reigning in bilibid.

There are videos shown and available on mature sites when leila de lima scandal is searched but none of them actually reveals the real scandal that Sandra holds. Some netizens captured screenshots of the alleged leila delima scandal and quoting it as her revealing many similarities including eyeglasses. But it is still noticeable as fake because the guy involved looks like a black American who are doing mature business.

Lately, ally of the senator including liberal party and human rights activists condemned the congress in centering the topic in her affair with Ronnie Dayan and asking more information about their private moment of alleged leila de lima scandal.

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