Most expensive flowerhorn and how to take care of it became viral

Pet lovers often wanted dogs and cats as their primary pets at home. Others prefer having poultry animals such as the goat, cows and pigs. Aside from gaining extra income, taking care of them removes stress according to studies. A viral video of a new pet is now talked by fish breeders. This are flowerhorn fish that gave them excitement.

There are things to consider on how to make the head of flowerhorn bigger, quality of foods play a big role on it. Choose flowerhorn pellet with lesser preservatives as it may harm the health of your pet. You also have to consider the content of the pellet and amount of live foods that is vulnerable to parasites.

Here are the list of most expensive flowerhorn that you might be interested:

Kamfamalau flowerhorn being one of the top, expensive and rare flowerhorn, This type of of fish had its eye color similar to gill and sunken. You may also notice its upper and lower lips proportional. When the king kamfa flowerhorn breed, it might give kokless, swan head or water kok.

Next in line is the king kamfa flowerhorn. mostly had color of eyes similar to gill but older types have protude eyes. Their body shape are not good when small but big difference can be observe as they grow.

The last one is the super red dragon flowerhorn. This often wins the contests as the most beautiful flowerhorn. It boasts amazing crown on its head and long gills and fins. Watch them here and be amazed.

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