Must watch: Nadine Lustre sings behind the stage

Nadine Lustre is always compared to different stars like Kathryn Bernardino. The two are Kapamilya stars who have amazing loveteams. Jadine is term used of James Reid and Nadine Lustre while Kathniel is for Kathryn Bernardino and Daniel Padilla.

On her previous post, she uploaded a video of her singing behind the stage while undergoing a make over. Because she had thousands of followers online, the video spread instantly and was praised by her fans. Some said she is talented for having enthralling beauty matched with angelic voice plus charisma. Her viral video singing is not combined with auto tune softwares used in concerts and this made her fans more proud.

On the other hand, bashers rushed as if they do not see anything good about her. The always hit her and fill negativity on whatever she do. Comparison between the two stars are always present whenever one of them has a movie, a show, a concert, a pictorial or at least a post. Be informed about the differences of every human, that this idols are gifted with different persona and blessed with incomparable talents with each other.

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