Philippine scandal first part

Philippine scandal released made the past few months unforgettable. From the Pagadian scandal, up to the alleged scandal of Abbie and Nicca that became controversial. There are about 5 to 8 alleged scandals referring to different models or car show girls that was leaked. Most of them are hoax but there are also confirmed.

Because of this, it reminds us again about the history of Philippine scandal. Several celebrities are involved in unexpected breakout of their private videos. Some are already immortally available on different mature sites while other copies are on collections of scandals saved on cellphones.

The most watched Philippine scandal that gave so much controversy is the undying legend of Mang Kanor. Lady in the video is identified as Jill Rose who allowed Kanor make up to more or less than 10 videos together. Some are shoot in the bathroom while most of it in their room. There are many stories scattered and build by some netizens. Some said that he was a teacher and Jill is one of student who is having trouble with her grades. Others said that Kanor is a policemen. So far this is the oldest yet the best scandal for every pinoy.

Next in line to Philippine scandal is the Hayden Kho scandal together with Katrina Halili way back September 2009. Kat fought for her right as a girl and stepped in court to file a case against Hayden because of a hidden cam installed unknown to her when they did their intimate moments. She pressed being a victim and it gave big impact on her career. Maricar Reyes was also a victim but choose silence. 

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