Philippine scandal part 2

On the previous article entitled history of Philippine scandal we reviewed about Mang Kanor and Hayden Kho on their controversial video.

Philippine scandal in August 3 2013. It is the date where snippets of Chito Miranda together with her girlfriend Neri Naig are having their love moments together. This buzzed the internet world as Chito is member and lead singer of the all time famous and favorite band "parokya ni Edgar". The video scandal is up to part 2 and became viral. He then apologize and explained that their hard drive was stolen. Neri was mum on the issue but her boyfriend never left her. Good thing is they are now happily married but no information about the person who steal their hard drive.

First month of year 2014, Philippine scandal became trending again when Wally Bayola was involved also in the lists of celebrity involved in scandalous act. This is the most embarrassing moment for the comedian actor because he is already married having sons and daughters. Huge disappointments was thrown to him after the leakage. He then leave the noon time show eat bulaga to lessen the tension and hot issue. February 2014, Wally appeared once again asking forgiveness to his fans. He then cried but hugged by his partner Jose Manalo. Wally is now a successful personality being part of the phenomenal love team aldub. He stands as Lola Nidora where her character gave advises to young couples.

The people involved proved their celebrity character. They are admirable to see standing and became more successful despite their failure and fault in life. Even thought their actions will be forever part of the Philippine scandal, a lesson learned is also attached into every videos scattered.

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