Watch: Little girl crying over dead chicken became viral

A viral video of a little girl who is crying over dead chicken hits the heart of the netizens in the whole world. She is trying to wake up her dead pet and was really hurt for its lost.

The 1:28 minute video clip was full of sadness yet brings inspiration and big message to everyone. It garnered about 2 million views already. This viral post of the Page of Best Video you will ever see was shared almost 80,000 times by different nationalities.

According to the mother of the girl, the assassin is a wild cat who attacked the chicken. They tried to survive the pet but they were too late when it was already hit with its claws and fangs. From that moment, this little girl wont stop from crying.

Netizens from different countries shared their sympathy to the little girl. One of said she did the same when she was young. The others are enlightened still having hope for the next generation while some are dismayed over comments saying not to touch the dead chicken as it was dirty rather than calming the little girl crying over dead chicken.

Watch this amazing little girl crying over dead chicken:

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