Zel Rosilio and Jie Paulino scandal

Zel Rosilio and Jie Paulino became hottest topic on the internet. Their names became viral because of a post on Zel's account throwing negative thoughts about her boyfriend.

On Dec 25, Christmas day, Zel Rosilio posted a long message about three plus paragraphs containing complaints against her boyfriend Jie Paulino. She said that he was irresponsible husband and father to their baby because Jie is with his friends rather than spending the most wonderful day with them. Read her full post here that she later deleted.

The post recently went viral from different pages and gained lots of shares. Comments also rushed on their accounts giving sympathy while other judged on the one sided post without knowing the real story. Their personal life was put into showbiz alike tragedy where every details are present. This created a bad image of Jie Paulino as he was really put into hot seat.

Lately, a new video post from rbreezy page became viral wherein Zel Rosilio is seen having sexy dance while wearing enthralling outfits. There are also comments seen on the video defending Jie Paulino against her girlfriend saying she was a flirt and famewhore because of posting such things that should be settled privately.

Zel Rosilio video started to became viral. Negative comments bashing her rushed on her account. Now that netizens also heard the guys side through some friends comments, they reacted normally thinking that a lady with a baby should not post a pictures exposing cleavage while on a sexy pose.

Zel Rosilio and Jie Paulino scandal are now viral. They are yet to give statements whether they fixed their relationship or worse, ended it because of scandalous post. Watch the video and decide who among Zel Rosilio and Jie Paulino tell the truth.

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