Iphone 8 girl scandal

Iphone 8 girl scandal is the most viral scandal on the internet today. Same as the iphone 7 girl Isiah Victoria, Iphone 8 girl also gave her one night to an old man in exchange of the latest apple product. Incidents like this always happen whenever a new gadget is released by this company because some s3x worker wanted to be classy to raise their service pay.

The iphone 8 girl name is yet unknown but few details are saying that the old man involved is a married ofw who takes vacation alone leaving his family abroad. Viral picture of iphone 8 girl made rounds on the internet when she boasts her latest mobile.

Netizens tagged her as "iphone8 girl scandal". and while she is having a luxury of her phone, the old man is facing consequences of his actions because he was already identified by one of his son.

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