Kimchi Villan alleged scandal photos leaked

A lady named Kimchi Villan is now on a hot seat after her name was linked into a viral photo scandal leaked online. Some even tagged Kimchi on her fb account and named the scandal as Kimchi of Cotabato.

The pictures are composed of five shots to be exact and was uploaded in different mature sites since 1st of February. Different stories are now scattered by netizens, wherein this is allegedly shared by her bitter ex boyfriend while some claim it was given as pre-valentines gift to her boyfriend.

Kimchi Villan is not yet giving any statement yet. This scandal might be a hoax or true but no one should judge the lady on the picture because there has been a lot of stories like this where ladies do this things because of love and trust. The only problem they have is when they choose a wrong person..

The uploader is not yet unknown but one thing is sure and that is technology is now advance and most persons have a look a like. Thus, Kimchi Villan scandal photos leaked can be example of it.

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