Savage girl scandal

Savage girl scandal is the most worst scandal ever happened in the History. The video is prohibited as it involved a child while being taken advantage. She was arrested lately in Daanbantayan Cebu Philippines by NBI operatives while her Russian partner was already in the custody of American government.

Savage girl used Gina Carpio Batulan and Shannon Carpio as her aliases on her social media account to hide from more than 10 pending casese filed against her. Her real name is Liezyl Margallo Castaneda also known as "Savage Girl". According to reports, This 23 year old lady who worked as sex worker before is one of the primary suspects involved in the video titled "Destruction of Daisy" having evidence that she performed the role of masked woman in the said video involving 18 month baby. A worst and unimaginable scene that almost impossible exist. They are responsible for missing children mostly in poor areas of Mindanao.

There are also other corpse seen inside the house of Savage girl, believed to be victims of their wrongdoings. Although she was already under governments custody, dreams and lives of little angels involved can never be brought back on earth.

On the other hand, savage girl is living in luxury before her arrest. Her social media boasts pictures while riding jetski and wearing swimwear on different beaches.

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