Angelica Sofia Cabanas Sarap bes alleged scandal

Another scandal is making rounds on the internet. This is tagged as sarap bes scandal by netizens as it was said to be heard on the actual video. The girl involved is allegedly Angelica Sofia Cabanas and she was with her boyfriend on the scandal.

Angelica Sofia Cabanas scandal lasts more or less than fifteen minutes wherein the two persons involved are seen filming their intimate moment. They are responsible on the privacy of the video as they are aware about the camera recording their moments together inside a private room.

On the first minutes of the film, the guy is wearing grayish shirts while (alleged) Angelica Sofia Cabanas is on her blue outfit. They are kissing in front of the cam and more scandalous act follows. This is another story of private video leak of two persons involved in scandal even warnings are already spreaded and many scandals like rapbeh scandal and abbie tolentino scandal that may serve as reminders to stop filming private moments.

Netizens on the other hand shared and liked the sarap bes scandal. Some said that the lady on the video is pretty much for the guy. Others commented expressing their gratitude on the complete copy but there are stories telling this had a sarap bes part 2.

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