Asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman scandal part 1, part 2, part 3

Asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman scandal is the trending topic now in different secret groups on the internet. The video was shared privately through private messages said by one of the members. People involved in the scandal are allegedly said to be "magkumpare" while the husband is working abroad as seaman.

The scandal video of asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman had part 1, and part 2. Some even boasted they also have part 3. First part happened in their room, having intimate moments together that is filmed by high definition audio video. Both are also seen aware on the camera capturing their moments together. The asawa at kumpare ng isang seaman part 2 took place in the sofa while their clothes remain intact, they performed extremely scandalous thing if the rumors behind the video are true.

Netizens kept asking for copies of the video even though it is already widely available in mature sites. This scandal already leaked weeks ago. Irresponsible sharing of video scandal may lead to captivation by authorities so be aware and keep it for yourself.

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