Alleged Nadine Lustre scandal leaked as she reported lost phone

Nadine Lustre is one of the hottest and famous celebrity now having different projects in ABS-CBN network. She is teamed up perfectly with James Reid and their love team clicks their fans tagging them as Jadine.

Recently, while doing a shoot for their project in San Francisco, California, her window car was shot by ninja rock that lead to stolen bag and cellphone. This became alarming by her fans as everyone knows that private things are mostly kept in phone. From the story of different celebrity scandal that was leaked, this became alarming.

Since her phone was stolen, there is no scandal released but some netizens are making fun of the issue saying the guy who broke the window of car had excessive Jadine obsession. Since their are rumored Nadine Lustre scandal scattered online, some netizens are still expecting for at least mature private pictures of their idol from her stolen phone. But fans on the other hand, commented that there is no such Nadine Lustre scandal and their idol is confident enough even she lost her phone.

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