Tuition girl scandal leaked online

A new scandal recently uploaded in a famous mature sites is making rounds on the internet. It made the video on top rated tagged as tuition girl scandal.

The lady involved according to the uploader is a college student from prestigious University in Luzon. She allowed herself to be filmed while doing scandalous act with her client or friend in exchange of tuition fee for the first semester. Video scandal of tuition girl lasts more than 2 minutes only so netizens expect for another part 2. They are seen having affair in unknown hotel based on the ambiance seen on the said video.

It is yet unknown if the tuition girl already know about her leaked scandal but one thing is sure, her video will be immortal on the internet because of people who take advantage of poor. Comments rushed giving sympathy but most of them said that they both take advantage of each other. Tuition from guy and pleasure from the other.

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