Rhoda mae pacunla scandal

Rhoda mae pacunla scandal hits the internet like wildfire gaining different reactions and opinion from netizens. Viral post of Shaira mae on social media hits almost 3 thousand shares as of the moment that makes the scandal more famous. Most of the comments are giving sympathy while asking for the copy of rhoda mae pacunla scandal.

The girl is identified allegedly by netizens as Rhoda mae pacunla. On the first part of the video scandal, the girl is seen on her back with at least four other boys participating on the said scandal. The saddest part of this scandal is that persons involved are said to be under age.

The video lasts more the 3 minutes that has a part 1 and part 2 as of the moment. Some of the netizens also blame Rhoda mae pacunla while judging from the video that what happened seemed to be allowed by her.

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